Leasing Agent

Do you love helping people and making a sale? Are you interested in real estate and helping people find a home? Do you thrive in an environment of friendly sales with motivated buyers?

Real Property Management has the perfect role for you as a Leasing Agent. You will nurture prospects and show properties and play an essential part in helping renters find a place to call home.

If you have natural people skills and a desire to succeed, we want you to join our collaborative team!

Why You’ll Want to Join Our Team as a Leasing Agent

As an employee at Real Property Management, you are part of a team and will be interacting and involved with operations and other aspects of the business. You’ll have a solid understanding of what we offer and a full appreciation for the value we provide to our clients.

We provide leasing sales training and guidance for how to do a showing, and successful Leasing Agents may be eligible for bonuses, raises, and promotions.

Our focus is on building relationships, not just closing a sale. We want our residents to love where they live, and you will open the door to that possibility.

Your Responsibilities as a Leasing Agent

  • Nurture Leads – As the first point of contact for incoming applicants, you will reach out to leads to arrange showings and follow up after the showings are complete. The goal is a successfully signed lease and a resident who rents from us again and again.
  • Conduct Showings – You will tour leads through the properties we rent and help them see themselves living there. All the glamor of a real estate agent but with less pressure.
  • Get Applications & Get Leases – Follow our process to ensure the lead submits an application. Keep the applicant informed throughout the process and get them all the way to a signed lease agreement.
  • Solicit Feedback and Make Recommendations – As the primary point of contact for the applicants, you will get the direct feedback on rent pricing, features, and amenities. You will bring your observations back to help influence listed rent prices.
  • Service with A Smile – You are probably the first person a lead talks to, and their guide through the showing and application process. You will help answer their questions, put them at ease, and make their first few impressions of us a great experience.

To Be Successful in this Role

  • You view every interaction as an opportunity to grow relationships.
  • You’re flexible and willing to serve our property owners by accommodating showing requests.
  • You’re willing to learn everything you can about property management and the full process of how we do it at Real Property Management.
  • You have the patience to answer questions and take the time to thoroughly educate potential residents.
  • You are diligent about follow-up and documenting details in the CRM.
  • You stay focused on the right activities to achieve your closing goals.
  • You are great with written and verbal communication, and you easily build rapport.
  • Familiarity and prior experience with property management and leasing are a plus!

Job Requirements for the Leasing Agent Position

These are the minimum requirements to be considered for this position.

  • You must have a working knowledge of various computer softwares.
  • You should have past experience actively using and updating a CRM.
  • You should have prior experience in a customer-facing sales or customer service role.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • You must have a NH Real Estate license

Benefits & Pay

Compensation for the Leasing Agent position is a base pay of $XX.XX [plus commission on closed sales. Your commission is dependent on your ability to nurture and close leads.]

[insert pay and benefits details]

If you are passionate about helping people find a home and working as part of a dynamic team, this is the role for you!

Apply today!

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