Best Property Maintenance Software

Our analysts have identified the market’s best property maintenance management systems. Here’s a breakdown of their selections.

Top Property Maintenance Software


UpKeep CMMS is a valuable tool for property managers seeking to streamline their work order scheduling, preventive maintenance, asset management and facility maintenance operations. It aids in preventing unscheduled downtime and prolonging the life spans of your assets.

Highest Rated Features According to Our Data

  • Work Order Management — 100
  • Maintenance Request Management — 96
  • Mobile CMMS — 93
  • Asset Tracking — 91
  • Purchase Order Management — 85

Top Benefits

  • Track Usage History: Logs room usage and tracks lockout/tagout operations by technicians for auditing purposes. Add notes, floorplans and various other documents to these histories for improved maintenance and record-keeping.
  • Limit Downtime: Log and cite downtime with an asset’s work order history. This helps technicians filter reports by asset and location and know which assets need maintenance and repair, reducing the chances of unexpected downtime.
  • Automate Workflows: Automatically assign work to specific technicians based on location or asset type, limiting clerical work. Set the inventory management module to automatically reorder spare parts when reaching the threshold value, reducing the chances of running out of vital materials.
  • Streamline Client Requests: Enable clients to submit work order requests online through the request portal. You can create a branded portal to streamline client experiences and ease manager workflow by allowing external work order creation.
  • Improve Cost Predictions: Compare depreciation data with downtime data to assess assets’ life spans and determine whether they’re worth repairing, selling or scrapping. Track depreciation and repair cost data to make more accurate cost predictions for purchasing future assets.

Primary Features

  • Maintenance Management: Add pre-made or custom checklists within work orders. Use preventive maintenance scheduling to create calendar-based plans as far out into the future as needed.
  • Reporting: Gather insight into both high-level metrics and granular details. Generate reports on individual assets or whole facilities to identify which assets require the most maintenance, gauge technician efficiency, calculate work order completion rates and much more.
  • Work Order Management: Role-based access allows users of various categories (tenants, technicians and managers) to create work order requests via the customer portal or mobile app. The requester can track the status of their work order and, if necessary, make changes to the details.
  • Mobile App: The mobile app lets technicians send in-app messages to communicate with management and each other and update work orders in the field. View asset profiles, interact with checklists and attach photos of assets to document issues.
  • Asset Management: Asset management entails keeping track of and monitoring the performance of assets. Get a complete picture of an asset’s life cycle, repair costs and information.


  • Data is difficult to import and export.
  • Cards aren’t invisible after closing work orders.
  • Tasks are only visible to the assigned person and not to team members.

Features Not Fully Supported According to Our Data

  • Automatic Downtime Update — Not Supported
  • AI-based Parts Forecasting — Not Supported
  • Incident Management — Not Supported
  • Spare Parts List View — Supported With Workarounds
  • Auto-create Corrective Work Orders — Not Supported

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