Online Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

The undergraduate degree in Construction Management aims to prepare students for a career in the business side of construction. This accredited online BSCM program focuses on providing students with business skills, experience, and education to manage the execution of any construction work in the private or public sector. Graduates of this program seek diverse careers as construction managers, business owners, field engineers, cost estimators, estates manager, consultants, project managers and much more. Students are able to acquire the core knowledge needed to construct a rewarding professional career in construction.

General Education RequirementsStudents are required to successfully complete General Education courses distributed as follows:

General Education Credit Hours MUS 1751 Music Appreciation 3 ENGL 1001 Composition I 3 ENGL 2000 Composition II 3 CMST 1061 Fundamental of Communication 3 CMST 2062 Speech in the Digital Age 3 SOCL 2001 Introduction to Sociology 3 ENVS 1126 Introduction to Environmental Science 3 PHYS 2001 Physics I 3 PHYS 2002 Physics II 3 CSC 1240 Statistics and Graphics with MATLAB 3 MATH 1550 Calculus I 5 Total Required Hours 38

BSCM Accreditation Business Requirement

Business Administration Credit Hours BLAW 3201 Business Law 3 Total Required Hours 3

*General Education requirement for ACCE accreditation

**Technical Sales Minor

Construction Management Core Requirements

Students enrolled in the BS in Construction Management degree program are required to successfully complete the following core courses.

Construction Management Core Credit Hours CM 1011 Introduction to Construction Management 3 CM 1112 Construction Materials and Methods I 3 CM 2112 Construction Materials and Methods II 3 CM 2113 Construction Equipment 3 CM 2116 Construction Plan Reading 3 CM 2501 Structural Principles and Practices 3 CM 2105 Construction Surveying 3 CM 3111 Construction Estimating 3 CM 3502 Construction and Civil Materials 3 CM 3201 Mechanical and Electrical Systems 3 CM 3503 Soils in Construction 3 CM 4101 Construction Scheduling and Cost Control 3 CM 4211 Construction Contracting 3** CM 2215 Construction Safety 3 CM 3504 Applied Structural Design 3 CM 4221 Construction Project Management 3 CM 4202 Construction Enterprise 3 Total Required Hours 51

A grade of “C” or better is required for all Construction Management Courses

**Technical Sales Minor

Business Administration Requirements

Business Administration Credit Hours ISDS 1100 Introduction to Management Information Systems 3 ACCT 2000 Survey of Accounting 3** ECON 2030 Economic Principles 3** FIN 3715 Business Finance 3** MKT 3401 Principles of Marketing 3** MGT 3200 Principles of Management 3** Total Required Hours 18

**Technical Sales Minor

Industry Emphasis Area (IEA) Requirements (12)

The BS in Construction Management degree program offers Industry Emphasis Areas in Industrial, highway, commercial, and residential construction. Students are required to complete 12 credits in any one of the IEA areas. Please contact your department advisor on specific course requirements for each of the IEA areas.

Total Program Credits: 123-125 Credit Hours

NOTE: Admission into the College of Engineering is required for construction management majors prior to taking any construction management course numbered above CM 2112. Registration in any CM course above CM 2112 is restricted to students admitted to a senior college with a declared CM major or minor.

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