How to grow cucumbers, cucumbers simply at home

How to grow cucumbers, cucumbers simply at home
Hοw tο grοw cucumbers, cucumbers simρly at hοme
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Cucumber, also known as cucumber, is a fruit that brings many benefits to health, is used for food processing, beauty ... Cucumbers are grown a lot in our country, most provinces can grow and planted all year round. If you are learning about how to grow cucumbers, you should refer to the following article of Kim's Garden!


Table of contents

1. How to choose cucumber varieties
2. Techniques for growing cucumber plants
3. How to grow cucumbers

Step 1: Incubate and sow cucumber seeds

Step 2: Land preparation & Planting
Step 3: Take care of the tree
1. How to choose cucumber varieties
Currently on the market, there are often many different varieties of cucumbers and cucumbers, the most popular is still the truss cucumber variety, in addition, there are other types of cucumber such as stomach cucumber, white cucumber, cucumber. thailand, japanese cucumber, shiraz cucumber…

Depending on your purpose and growing conditions to determine which cucumber variety to choose for easy cultivation, care and harvesting. If the purpose of growing cucumbers at home is to eat in the family, you do not need to be too careful in the selection stage, you can choose the seeds that are pre-packaged and sold at the market or on the e-commerce platform. If you invest in growing cucumbers on a larger scale, you can order high-yielding varieties of cucumbers at reputable locations.

2. Techniques for growing cucumber plants
Cucumber is a crop that can be grown all year round, but depending on the growing season, cucumber yields and quality of fruit vary. This type of crop can be grown in many types of soil, the most suitable is still sandy, humus or alluvial soil, moist and well-drained alluvial soil. Suitable soil has pH = 6.0 – 6.8.

Cucumbers are adapted to hot and humid climates, the suitable temperature for melon growth is 30°C and night temperature 24 - 26°C. Plants that are provided with enough sunlight will help plants grow well, produce large and quality fruits.

Cucumber plants need to provide a lot of water and moisture, but they do not tolerate waterlogging, so it is important to pay attention at the stage of tillage, to minimize the amount of soil being flooded.

3. How to grow cucumbers
Step 1: Incubate and sow cucumber seeds
Depending on your choice in growing cucumber-cucumber plants, you can buy seeds to nurse, or buy ready-made baby cucumber plants to plant.

Incubate cucumber seeds

Soak cucumber seeds in warm water about 30 - 35°C for 2 - 3 hours, then remove the seeds, wash them with clean water and incubate in a damp towel at a temperature of 27 - 30°C for 3-5 days. Always keep the humidity for the incubation and check that the seeds are cracked and germinated, then sow.

Sow seeds

Method 1: Sow directly on the ground

Sowing seeds directly in the field or in the field, you have to plow the soil so that it is porous, up to a height of 20-30cm. The soil must be mixed with organic fertilizers, manure or a mixture of nitrogen + phosphorus + potassium, depending on the planting area. Make a hole about 0.5cm deep, sow the seed so that the root tip is perpendicular to the ground, so that the seed tip is level with the ground. Then use manure to carefully screen the seeds, spread Basudin seeds to prevent ants, crickets, soil worms...

When planting can be covered with straw or plastic tarpaulin or to keep moisture, if covered with nylon, you must carefully insert the soil on both sides of the bed and then punch a round hole on the top, the distance between each hole is 30cm - 40cm. The direct sowing in the soil, the field will be more difficult to care for in managing the seeds on the plants because sowing in the field on a large area if it is exposed to rain, heat or pests, it is difficult to take the initiative. Must prepare good sowing soil, the rate of dead plants will be less.

Method 2: Sowing in plastic trays, foam trays

Use plastic trays, foam trays, small pots, etc. to sow seeds, put the amount of soil in the tray, note that the soil must be loose, rich in nutrients, and sufficiently moist. Use your hands to press into the ground to make a hole 1cm deep, sow the seeds into the soil, sow 1-2 seeds in each hole and cover with a thin layer of soil. When sowing, spray water to moisten the soil, cover the nursery tray with a plastic bag, and place the nursery pot. next to a place with warm sunshine to promote germination.

After a week of sowing, the seeds will sprout. When the seedling is about 10-15cm tall, the tree is sturdy, you can move the nursery into a pot.

Step 2: Land preparation & Planting
In the stage when the seedlings grow up to 3-4 leaves, the trunk is fat and sturdy, you can take out each bulb and plant it separately in each pot, foam box, large plastic bucket, or you can plant it directly in the soil or plant it.

Soil preparation: The soil for growing cucumbers must be thoroughly tilled, so choose a sandy soil, soil containing a lot of organic nutrients, you can mix the soil with rice husk, wood humus, animal manure or organic green manure.

About 7-10 days before planting, it is recommended to apply lime powder, manure or bio-organic fertilizer, mix nitrogen + phosphorus + potassium fertilizers into the soil, then dig again to infuse the fertilizer into the soil to increase the pH of the soil. to provide nutrients for early plants.

Planting: If planting directly in the soil, you must plow the soil so that it is porous, up to 20 - 30 cm high beds with a distance of 60 - 70 cm.

Make a deep hole, gently lift the potting out of the tray and bury the pot under the ground, to cut the root. Mulch straw, wood humus, hay around the base to keep the plant moist.

Plant cucumbers in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun is out. When planting seedlings, they should be brought to a shady place or covered to avoid direct sunlight for 1-2 days for the seedlings to recover.

Step 3: Take care of the tree
Cucumber plants grow quickly and do not require much care. Just watering twice a day in the morning and afternoon, if too much stripping makes the soil too wet and waterlogged, the plant will easily die. Cucumbers need to be planted where there is a lot of light, the fruit will grow quickly and achieve high yield.

Stage 1: Week 2

During the first 2 weeks after planting, regularly water the plant every morning and evening. Mulch manure, chicken manure, straw or hay in the ground around the plants to keep the soil moist.

Stage 2: Week 3

In the 3rd week you need to fertilize nitrogen + phosphorus + potassium, mixed with water to irrigate the plants. Spraying HVP 401 helps plants develop stems, leaves and roots.

At about 2-3 weeks after planting, cucumber plants begin to develop leaf stems and tendrils, at this time begin to make a truss for the tree. Trussing and pruning for trees have a great influence on tree growth, yield and fruit quality. Therefore, making a trellis for cucumbers also needs to be technically correct.

About 30 - 50 days after planting, cucumbers begin to bear fruit, the axils of leaves begin to sprout male flowers, female flowers and branches. This period is considered the most "sensitive" to determine the yield of the plant. At this time, it is necessary to water the plant fully twice a day in the morning and evening. Although there is a high need for watering, but it is uncomfortable to be waterlogged. If there is a lack of water, the tree will produce small fruit and eat bitter food. Cucumber is a thermophilic plant, so grown in a place with a lot of light, the fruit will grow quickly and have good quality.

At this time, the plant's nutritional needs double, so watering must be increased. Spraying HVP Auxin Organic to help plants produce more flowers and produce more fruit.

Apply nitrogen and NPK fertilizer 2 times a month. If the tree lacks water and nutrients, the ability to set fruit is low, the quality of the fruit is poor, the fruit is often bitter and curved.

In order for cucumbers to bear fruit, we should pay attention to the pollination of the plant. Depending on the growing conditions, the plant can self-pollinate by insects. You can spray diluted sugar water on the stem to attract bees to pollinate the melon.

Or you can influence the pollination of flowers by removing the male flowers, using a cotton swab to push the male flower to collect pollen and brush the stigma of the female flower to pollinate.

Stage 3: Plants are 1 month old

The time when the tree is 1 month after planting is the period when the cucumber plant needs the most care to ensure the growth of the plant. It is necessary to water a lot and mix phosphate, nitrogen, potassium, and urea fertilizers into the water to irrigate plants to increase nutrients for plant growth and flowering. Note that after fertilizing, you should water again to avoid burning the roots of the plant.

Regularly pick up grass at the base of the tree, cut off the old leaves at the bottom and side branches to create ventilation for the tree. The tree should not be too high so that the tree can produce many branches for many flowers and many fruits.

Stage 4: Cucumbers flower and bear fruit

Stage 5: Harvesting cucumbers after planting about 60-80 days, depending on the cultivar and care conditions, the melons yield fruit. Harvesting cucumbers is best in the early morning when the temperature is still cool.

After each fruit harvest, potassium and nitrogen should be applied once every 2 weeks to provide nutrients for fruit trees for the next litter.

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